Youth Concentrate

A supreme age-defying serum, developed by Dr. Marko Lens

Our Philosophy

Zelens’ consistent skincare innovations are the result of Dr Marko Lens’ continuous research, development and clinical testing.

By focusing and investing in the field of skin science and anti-ageing, Zelens continues to lead the way with the creation of high efficacy products that work to heal, repair and help you to achieve flawless healthy skin.

‘The sophisticated technology of our formulations, including multiple ingredients that work in balance and synergy, is essential to the remarkable effectiveness of Zelens products.”  Dr Marko Lens

Zelens Garden

“Plants are the building blocks of Zelens skincare and the source of some of the most powerful active ingredients I use in the formulation of our products. I invite you to enter the Zelens garden which features plants I use from around the world for their unique, regenerative and anti-ageing properties.”

Dr Marko Lens

Our Skin Journal

Dr Marko Lens

Welcome to the Zelens blog

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