Clinical results*:

  • Improvement in skin moisturisation up to 86.5%
  • Improvement in skin elasticity up to 31%
  • Improvement in skin smoothness up to 31.6%
  • Reduction of skin roughness up to 32.4%
  • Reduction in wrinkle depth up to 34.4%


3t Complex Essential Anti-Ageing Cream




 3t Complex Essential Anti-Ageing Cream

Women reported**:

  • 90% found improvement in skin tone and elasticity
  • 100% reported skin more hydrated
  • 90% found skin complexion more luminous
  • 80% found wrinkles less visible
  • 75% noticed that their skin became visibly younger
  • 100% noticed plumping effect

*Results from a clinical study conducted on women age 30 to 60 years using 3t Complex twice daily for 4 weeks

** Results from the consumer self-assessment study using 3t Complex twice daily for 4 weeks