We've Got a New Look

With the new chapter of Zelens comes a new visual identity. Designed for the top shelf, the new packaging is simple and contemporary, to allow Dr. Lens’ formulas to take centre stage. The familiar frosted glass bottles and jars are here to stay, while lids are black to complement the beautiful colourful formulas.

Listening to customer feedback is important, and lead us to introduce a new bottle for powers and serums. Wider and luxuriously weighted to stand stabile on your shelf, it now has a more convenient pump. The added detail of a clear-cut glass bottom shows the beauty of the formulas inside.

The understated yet classic logo was designed by Moses Voigt, branding and design consultant and former Creative Director at Acne. With science, sophistication and increasing eco-consciousness at the forefront of the process, Dr. Lens challenged Moses to create a covetable and visually impactful expression of Zelens. Together, they chose a font to sit alongside, originally inspired by vintage timepieces - a nod to the numerical, engineered world of biotechnology. This, contrasted with the tactility of white uncoated paper as an element from nature, is reflective of Dr. Lens’ roots in science, and the way that he crafts his skincare.

“I ensured that the  intrinsic values, qualities and benefits of the brand aligned with the external attributes”, says Moses. “This is authentic high-end performance product. It was about taking the integrity of Dr. Lens’ scientific process into consideration, yet also adding the part that creates attention and the right experience for the customer, which is what the result reflects. The enhanced beauty of using a Zelens product.

I believe there is no contradiction between science and beauty; it’s rather the opposite since beauty and science are something universal. Since the category of skincare in general is more focused on internal qualities, this was a great opportunity to make a statement and create differentiation with a more sophisticated, beautiful look on the outside as well."

This new chapter also continues Zelens’ journey of being more eco-conscious. The uncoated paper of our cartons is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, and ensures that they are recyclable. So are the bottles and jars, each featuring a numbered symbol to help you recycle correctly in your local area. As our products are shipped and sold in stores worldwide, we look for sustainable ways to protect them in transit and on shelves; to do so, we use cellophane which is biodegradable from annually renewed sources, for all products but one. We are looking for ways to improve our environmental footprint further, and continuously review our practices just like we do our formulas. This includes the industry wide challenge of also eventually offering more sustainable pumps and lids.

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