Dr. Marko Lens Answers your Lens Ready Perfecting Foundation Questions

With the launch of our new Lens Ready Perfecting Foundation, Dr. Lens is here to answer your questions. Providing a skin-perfecting extension to your Zelens routine and following our previous colour range prior to our 2021 rebrand, Lens Ready Perfecting Foundation is our ultimate foundation. Designed with skincare ingredients to enhance moisture, promote firmness and elasticity and soothe for radiant skin.  


What was the inspiration behind the foundation? 

“As early as 2005, patients were asking me during the consultation process for suitable foundation products for postoperative makeup. I realised that foundation stays on the skin much longer than skin care products. However, almost all cosmetics on the market only focus on the long-lasting makeup effect and the concealment of blemishes, rather than the impact of cosmetics on skin health.”  


As a skincare brand, why did you decide to launch cosmetic products?  

“Foundation is an extension of our skincare line. It's not so much a foundation as it is a skincare product with color. It is more than a simple make up. It is skincare with the addition of pigment.”  


What are the skincare benefits of the foundation?  

“This moisture-enhancing foundation promotes skin firmness and elasticity, minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restores skin’s vitality and luminosity. Fortified with a soothing probiotic blend to help support the skin’s microbiome balance, protect from environmental aggressors, and keep skin calm and comfortable.”  


Does the new Lens Ready Perfecting Foundation have the same formula as the Zelens age control foundation? Are there any differences in texture or formula? 

“Lens Ready Perfecting Foundation is our ultimate foundation. It is a new formula created using the latest science and ingredients to benefit the skin. The shade range used for Lens Ready Perfecting Foundation is based on the previous foundation shades but using a new pigment technology so you will be able to match your colour to your previous shade.”  


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