I have over 27 years of research and clinical experience in the field of skin ageing and skin cancer. This led me to create Zelens – a new generation of skincare products. My goal was to develop a skincare line based on the latest, breakthrough scientific research in the biological functions of the skin.

It is no doubt the dream of all of us to preserve the youthful look of our skin for as long as possible. This is why most of us continue to search for a miracle pot containing a youth elixir. However, the reality is that there is no miracle cream which will completely smooth the skin and erase wrinkles in a few weeks. We cannot stop the ageing process of the skin. However, what we can do is to help slow it down and reverse some visible signs of skin ageing.

I’ve always had a real passion for beauty and skin care. When I was a child I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. My grandmother’s night table had many different cosmetic pots containing precious plant extracts that she thought would rejuvenate her skin and remove wrinkles that she did not like.

She used to prepare some traditional herbal remedies using a premium quality olive oil as a base to which she would add different fresh plants collected from gardens and natural fields. I remember her telling me that although mixing plants with an oil is very easy we cannot immediately use prepared formulas as she believed that maturation of the formula was so important to achieve the desired skin benefits. Thus, she would keep these bottles in the dark and cold closets where she also had a shelf containing cookies, chocolates and sweets for her grandchildren. Whenever I would try to treat myself with something sweet from that closet I would take a chair, in order to reach the shelf, where I could clearly inspect her bottles with herbal remedies. I was so curious to see the colour changes in the bottles containing different plants.

While other kids were playing with toys I remember that I would ask my grandmother to help me prepare my own herbal recipes. She loved this. We would go to collect plants together and she would tell me the names of the plants and explain their main properties. I was absolutely fascinated with the world of plants. In fact, when I was nine I asked my grandfather to buy me the Encyclopedia of herbs. My parents thought that my wish was weird and instead they suggested that I should have a Swiss-made train powered by batteries. I did not like that idea at all as I thought that having a plastic train was useless since I already knew how real trains worked. Also, I never thought I would like to conduct a train. Why all the effort then?

Finally, I got a real two-volume encyclopedia containing a full description of all plants with many beautiful, colourful pictures.

I read these books every day and always learned something new: chamomile and sage are very good for red skin, mint and cucumber are great to cool the skin, pot marigold has smoothing properties, etc.

I liked this alchemist phase of my life. I wish I had pictures of all my pots and a dedicated table in the cellar of my grandparents’ house where I was doing all my experiments.



However, although I loved chemistry I always wanted to be a doctor. I studied medicine and I knew from my early days at medical school that I wanted to work in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. I was fascinated by the wound healing process and the treatment of burns.

Later on, I specialised in skin cancer and researched skin cancer at the molecular and genetic level. Nowadays we know that skin cancer and skin aging share a common pathway. Years of clinical experience and research led me to develop Zelens – a skincare line that capitalises on the latest research in the field of skin ageing.

Zelens combines both natural and high-tech active ingredients. I believe in synergy of active ingredients and advanced technology to formulate skincare that will effectively target a complex process of skin ageing. All Zelens products have been extensively tested to confirm the safety and efficacy of our formulations. Results from some of our clinical studies are published in serious medical journals.

In a high-tech 22nd century serious anti-ageing skincare should offer more than hope. I strongly believe that clinical studies are necessary and that all cosmetic claims should be based only on the results from these studies. However, we should not forget to ask our consumers for their opinion and thus, after a series of clinical trials, the ultimate success of one cosmetic product will depend on another hard test: will our consumers be satisfied enough to buy it again?

Zelens continues to develop new products and significantly invest in research and implementation of the latest advances in skin biology and biotechnology and the discovery of new anti-aging ingredients.

This is the new Zelens blog – a space where I will write about the research, skincare, makeup and science and different aspects of skin health and well-being. It will not be a brand publication nor a presentation of magnificent images with miracle claims. Instead it will be a space where I will inform you about my latest research findings, give you some advice and tips for different skin problems, express my opinion on controversial issues and, of course, present you with some behind-the-scene details of the work I do.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.