Radiance Luminous Facial Cleanser

Radiance Luminous Facial Cleanser
125 ml / 4.2 OZ

Inspired by traditional Japanese herbal medicine (Kampo) and Japanese skin cleansing rituals, Dr Marko Lens developed a luxurious, high-performance, creamy-textured hydrating facial cleanser.

This facial cleanser effortlessly removes impurities and make-up. Skin feels clean, soft, smooth and radiant.


• Removes impurities and make-up
• Leaves skin velvety and luminous
• Maintains hydration levels


Use daily, morning and evening. Apply liberally to face and neck with small circular motions. Rinse with warm water or remove with a cotton pad. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Zelens facial cleanser contains brightening pearl extracts, camellia oil and aloe vera.

Camellia oil

Camellia Oleifera seed oil, known as the "beauty oil" due to its age defying features, has been used for centuries in Japan to maintain smooth and soft skin. Camellia oil contains natural antioxidants and vitamins and it is rich in Omega 3 (oleic acid) and essential fatty acids, which are beneficial for healthy and glowing skin. Camelia oil absorbs easily into the skin and hydrates the skin by replenishing lost lipids. Camellia oil does not clog pores.

Pearl extracts

Zelens uses natural pearls containing 16 amino acids, proteins and polysaccharides. Pearl extract helps the skin retain moisture, gives a smooth appearance and enhances the skin's radiance.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera, also known as Aloe barbadensis, acts in three main ways: as an anti-inflammatory, to promote wound healing and regeneration and as an antioxidant.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E (tocopherol) is an antioxidant, which plays key roles in protecting cellular membranes from free radicals. It is the major antioxidant in the human epidermis, and its depletion is an early marker of environmental oxidative damage. Vitamin E has strong protective effects against skin photoageing.


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